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Planning to Start, Planning to Finish

I found this podcast to be so insightful. I've recently been having many conversations with my roommate about where we derive our motivation and why it can be so difficult to see something through to the end. We've both individually—and jointly—planted creative projects with such energy, but we so often fail to continue nurturing the seeds beyond the initial stages. We blame it on the fact that there is no clear goal in sight, and therefore progress is not visible; time is so precious, so we hastily discard the buds in fear that they will not grow to become something beautiful. But I really appreciate the analogies identified by Venkatesh... The notion of designing systems which are more sustainable and generous than defining a set outcome is liberating! Cammie and I just last night decided to revive a dormant project from over a year ago, so I especially value Venkatesh's perspective on planning at this moment.

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