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(Slippery When Wet) Slippery When Wet prioritizes neither site nor gallery. Thread I: Tiffany's website scroll mimics the physical world in the way that it requires the viewer to ~move closer~ to view, but Thread II: the gallery scroll mimics the digital world in the way that it flows continuously downwards. "Scroll" also feels native to both worlds in one way or another. (Laurel): What do we call spaces online? This surely influences the way people interact with and navigate through it. When you have an event, what do you decide to archive? Thread III: "You are the only one here" ... Capacity. I entered again. "2 are here." Video progress indicated through traveling bar. Thread VI: Quantity added in digital space, subtracted from physical space.


Websites are temporary publications.

Websites are inherently performative.

Structure that enables improvisation?

When you have an event, what do you decide to archive?


"I aggregate, together with collaborators, disparate pieces from an ecosystem and develop the appropriate container for each collection."

"the book is the site around which its public forms"

Cyberfeminism Index interprets each person's movement through the site as an event worth archiving. Formerly a spreadsheet, soon a book.

"Building relationships between things is a form of authorship too."

"Perhaps gathering stories is radical because it refuses to give the gatherer all of the credit. The collector-collection dynamic is deliberately broken. The person who puts it together is only one of many parts."

all the modes of dialogue that exist on a single digital platform?

"the many moments of interruption that permeate in-person gatherings." ... (Laurel): Structure that enables improvisation?