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hosting a virtual gathering

Prompt: Host a virtual gathering for at least 3 people. Relate it to my Series.

I went outside and thought about it. Purpose? Produce new contexts for learning a language (in this case, Korean). An activity for familiarizing participants with the alphabet? ..What previous knowledge do I expect from my guests? They have to know the basics, but if they know too much, they might find this activity unfulfilling. Can I participate? My role does not need to be distinguished from the guests, so long as I prepare the activity and explain the instructions. My Series is about the importance of context in learning something new. Can I engage my guests in the creation of contexts? Maybe I design a collaborative game that ends with a group output—collections of words? Split into two teams of two. Each team identifies one adjective and one noun; these terms become the start and end points of the thread. Then, each team finds 5 more nouns and 5 more adjectives, by way of association, alternating between the two parts of speech. At the end of the exercise, each team is left with a uniquely linked thread of terms. This activity can be repeated to find multiple threads, which can ultimately be used to form a larger fabric of words.